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About Us

kevin-bush-patent-crppd.jpg Product Creation:

Kevin Bush had been playing pool competitively for years and protecting his expensive cue stick and his regulation cue ball while keeping them close at hand during play was important. There were several cue holder products on the market, but Kevin wanted one that was lighter and wouldn’t take up all the space in his pool case. He also wanted one that would fit either curved or straight surfaces, be more stylish while being quick and easy to move from table to table or put away when play is over.

Kevin invented, patented and trademarked the Cue-It-Up cue holder and launched the Billiard Bush LLC company. He made it light weight, easy to clip to any surface, with an area to rest the cue ball and safely cradle up to four cue sticks. He created multiple colors and skin designs so the player could customize their own cue holder to their personalized style. When play is over, you just clip it to your pool case and go. Pool players love it and Kevin sold over 25,000 Cue-It-Up! cue stick holders during its first year on the market.

About the Inventor:

Kevin Bush currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area and has been playing pool most of his life. He began playing competitively on various league teams and in tournaments in 2005. He has played in the National Las Vegas tournaments as the Texas Regional singles champion and various team championships. Based on the need for a better solution, Kevin invented, patented and trademarked the Cue-It-Up! cue holder in 2009 and brought it to market in 2010 and launched the Billiard Bush LLC company.